Where are the apartments located? How far are they from the mall road?
The apartments are located in Mashobra. Mashobra is a quiet area in Shimla which is 12 kms from the mall road. Its a very pretty town surrounded by a protected forest all around it. It takes about 25 mins to reach the mall road by car. You can check the exact location on google maps if you search for - the Cloudberry, Mashobra.
How do I decide which apartment is right for me?
The apricot is a 3 bedroom which has the valley view from 2 bedrooms. It has an area of 2400 sq ft so its quite comfortable for a big bunch of 6 to 8. It has a lift and an indoor fireplace. The Cloudberry and the Plumcove are cozy 2bedroom apartments which are more suitable for 4 to 5 people. If you are a bigger group you can also take two apartments as they are very close to each other.
How do we decide between Cloudberry and Plumcove?
The cloudberry is an attic apartment on the third floor. It has sloping ceilings and a terrace spacious for 4, the view is from the living room and the master bedroom. Plumcove is located one floor below the Cloudberry on the second floor. It has a panoramic view of the valley from the living rooms and the master bedroom through newly renovated floor to ceiling glasses. It has a coffee balcony which is smaller than Cloudberry.
So essentially Plumcove is slightly bigger on the inside and is preferred if you like to soak the view from the privacy of your living room and in conditions like snow and monsoon. Cloudberry is a slightly cosier space , has low ceilings and is preferable if you want to soak the view from the terrace. Both have the same view.
Do you have a car park?
Yes we have free car parking for your vehicle in the building complex. The caretaker can help you park when you arriveDo I have to share the apartment with anyone?No we do not let out rooms individually and only let out the whole apartment in one go. You will have access to the whole apartment and no one else. All apartments have an independent entrance and there is only one apartment on each floor.
Do the apartments have a lift?
The apricot (3 BHK) located on the third floor has a lift.
What about sanitisation?
We sanitise the place with a chlorine based floor disinfectant and an alcohol based sanitizer before every check in. All linen and towels are washed with antibacterial detergent and fresh clean linen are used for every booking.Fumigation of the apartment is an add on service which is done through a professional third party service at an extra cost of INR 2000. We need a week's notice to arrange for that.
How is the mobile connectivity and the wifi?
Mobile connectivity at the apartments is decent for all mobile networks. We are work from home friendly and have high speed broadband connections in all the apartments. The broadband company promises 100 mbps speed but we have observed the average speed to be between 35 mbps and 60 mbps.
What are the check in and check out timings?
The check in time for all apartments is 1 pm and the check out is 11 am. We have a late check out penalty post 11:15 am if a late check out has not been agreed in advance. This is to make sure we are on time as unlike hotels we do not have waiting rooms and guests have travelled a long way so we aim to have a sparkling home waiting for them ready on the check in time.
Can I check in early or check out late?
Early check ins and late check outs depend on the booking before or after you.Early check in and late check outs are possible in cases only when there is no reservations before or after you.What all is included in the price?The price includes the apartments rental cost, the services of the caretaker and basic daily cleaning for the rooms. The caretaker is there to help you with your check in and is your point of contact for any issues being faced.
You are advised to tip him in case you are asking him to get your groceries orhelping with other tasks. If you want the utensils to be washed you can ask thecleaning lady to do it for a tip as she is paid to do basic apartment cleaning andutensils is not a part of her Job description.
Tip Suggestion for utensils: A minimum of INR 100 if you are staying for a day or INR 50 per day
What are the available food options ?
All apartments have a fully functional kitchen available for guest use and the apartment cost does not include food. The food options are as follows-

1. You can order food through some restaurants which deliver food home, the menus are kept at home.

2. You can go out and enjoy places close by : Club Mahindra, the chalets, koti resorts, the nilaya etc are close by.

3. We can arrange a local cook for you who charges a nominal sum and cooks at home for you - average charge ( 250 per meal for 6 people as labour charges, groceries etc that can be fetched by the caretaker), need to be communicated to the caretaker in advance.

If you want a guide of the food places around the house, which also has other things to do around Mashobra, we can send you a PDF ( only after confirmed reservation).
I am getting my house help/ driver along, can they be boarded?
We have a servant/driver’s accommodation in the building complex. Its shared with other apartments so you need to tell us in advance if it needs to be blocked for your staff. The charges are INR 350 per night per person.
Are pets allowed?
We generally are unable to host pets due to issues like hair shedding & pet smell that we faced in the past However make exceptions for small pets.
What about smoking and drinking inside the house?
All our homes have smoking balconies. Smoking inside the house is strictly prohibited as the smoke can stick inside and cause irritation to kids or other guests who come after. Also because of the excessive use of wood in the homes it's a fire hazard. Drinking is allowed inside the house.

If you want a guide of the food places around the house, which also has other things to do around Mashobra, we can send you a PDF ( only after confirmed reservation).
Can we party inside the house?
Mashobra is a silent valley and loud music post 11 is not permitted. We like to think of ourselves as a mild music + conversation kinda place and respect the peace of others in the vicinity. There is an INR 1000 fine for throwing up or puking inside the apartment.
What about extra guests?
The 2 bedroom apartments Plumcove and Cloudberry have a base charge for 4people. The apricot has a base charge for 6 people. Extra guests over the base charge are chargeable.
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You can expect a stunning view and great amenities like 4G Wifi Internet, Heater, TV, Music System, Books, Games, Fridge, Oven, Toaster, Griller, Hot Water Geyser in both the bathrooms and also in the Kitchen, Water Filter, etc. You will always find help from Chunnilal the caretaker who is always a phone call away and will make your stay comfortable. Be Rest Assured and just visit Cloudberry to experience a truly wonderful stay and you will have great memories in return.
From the time of looking out for spaces to stay in Mashobra till the time we checked out, it was a wonderful experience. Regular and timely updates were what stood out for me. Jayati ensured we knew everything there was to know about the place much before we reached. The place is super cozy with the view from balcony more serene than one can imagine! Highly recommend this place!
This is probably THE best Airbnb I have ever stayed in. The place is clean, has all the amenities, the decor is classy, the rooms are spacious, view from the balcony - splendid! Response from Jayati was quick and detailed. Caretaker Chunni Lal definitely deserves special mention. He was extremely helpful! I would definitely suggest her place for your weekend getaway or more. We were there for just 36 hours and we felt this place our 2nd home. :) Thanks a lot for hosting us and keep it up!
Truly the best homestay I have ever been to. The location is full of scenic beauty and the warm yellow lighting in the place, the wooden floor makes it so cozy you wouldn't wish to go outside. If you wish to escape the city noise harassment and want to spend some quiet time, go for this place at Mashobra, just half an hour distance from Shimla, it's worth it. I was in doubt before as why to stay far away from Shimla. But believe me, it's not that far. Definitely recommend not only to others but also to myself for my future trip to Shimla.
This is the kind of place that is so special that I don't even know how to start describing it. The views are absolutely mesmerizing and the space is so cozy and charming. The Cloudberry is somewhere that you'll want to visit more than once. The caretaker was incredibly helpful and kind and Jayati was quick to respond to all my queries. I much preferred staying in Mashobra than Shimla and the tranquil atmosphere of this area is simply unparalleled. You'll have to see it for yourself. Highly recommended!
Amazing beautiful place in heart of Mashobra. It offers such a beautiful view in day and night that one will wish to stay there forever. So, if someone is looking for a place to relax away from city noise then this place offers scintillating sunrise which adds a flavour morning tea, beautiful night sky full of stars which makes dinner more enjoyable. Also, Jayati is a wonderful host she is available for suggestions. I had a great time and will be coming back for longer duration!!
Jay's place is perfect. Lovely place with heavenly view and warmest hospitality one could hope for... Apartment was beautiful and equipped with everything I needed to feel just as comfortable as home(topped with lots of lovely touches ). Could have easily spend days just sitting and chilling in that balcony Top-notch AirBnB experience, polite and accurate communication combined with elegant and well located apartment.
The Plumcove
Cloudberry lives upto it’s name. The view is amazing and you find yourself nestled in floating clouds. We encountered a thundering, lightning storm the night we arrived and snowfall in the night. It was pretty dramatic. So not for the faint hearted during winters or the cusp of seasons. But we absolutely loved it. In summers I am sure it’s a peaceful, serene paradise. The caretaker Chunnilal is very helpful and humble. He helps with provisions and almost everything else. Jayanti is always available on messages and quick to respond. Overall would recommend this place to all those who have an appreciation for the rustic and creative ambiences.
What was planned to be just a fun getaway, became a memorable trip because of the stay and location of jayati’s place. From attention to every small detail which makes the stay cozy and comfortable at this home to the magnificent views from the terrace and the room, makes the overall experience one to cherish for long. PS- if you don’t wish to cook, hire a cook(a service they offer) since the food options around aren’t that great.
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